About Me

I am a photographer and I happen to shoot in the streets. My passion for photography centers mostly on the un-posed and un-staged, candid and spontaneous. I frame what’s around me as I see them. They may be funny, dramatic, sometimes poignant or just plain happening. I’ll capture just about anything that piques my interest.

As you view my photographs, don’t be lulled into a false impression that I am trying to convince you to view the world as I do. No, certainly not. My humble aim is to make you smile. Perhaps remind you to open your mind and heart to appreciate the world around you, in your own way.

My interests, influences and preferences will change. But, I’ll leave my images to reveal those. After all, photography for me is a constant revelation, a never-ending learning experience, a journey.

Enjoy the ride!!!

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/raymondtanhueco/

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